Over the growing controversy on links with ISI, BJP has disowned their IT cell member Dhruv Saxena. Well, this is not the first time that RSS/BJP has disowned something after being squared.
Many of you might have come across videos of a man who calls himself Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj on Facebook, Twitter and also circulated on WhatsApp Groups. Most of his videos and photos which have been uploaded by his channel project him as an Elite Army officer.
A video posted by one Vimal Patel on his Facebook account has gone viral. In this video, he shows how newly constructed RCC Bollards and RCC Road boundaries are coming apart within a few months of being constructed. In the first part of the video, he shows how RCC road boundaries constructed to prevent vehicles from going off the edge of the road disintegrate just by gripping the edge of the boundary hard enough.
Just yesterday, Karnataka BJP President BS Yeddyurappa alleged that Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah had siphoned off Rs 1000 crores to Congress 'High Command' to retain his CM post. According to Yeddyurappa, the information regarding the alleged pay-off by Siddaramaiah is available in a diary recovered during the raid on the house of Member of Legislative Council (MLC) K.
While BJP party leaders have started acknowleding privately regarding the infiltration of ISI into their party ranks, we at Alt News dug in further to show how all the three accused from Bhopal in the ISI spying case are actually friends with each other and at least two of them have been to Dubai on a common trip.
Yesterday, we were told by multiple media outlets that people waved BJP's flags in a Rahul Gandhi road show in Haridwar, Uttarakhand. While it is not at all uncommon for one party's workers to infiltrate another political party's rallies/meetings and wave their own flags to embarrass the other party, is that what happened? Well, let's look at the sequence of media reports. The first one was by ANI News at 3:18 p.m.
Most controversial contestant Swami Om infamous for his stint on the show for behaviour with women in the house and during News debates, has been booked for misbehaving with woman. A Victim has alleged that former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant Swami Om and his associate attacked her and ripped off her clothes to humiliate her in full public view a few days ago at Rajghat. She also alleged that they threatened her of dire consequences and abused her.
The five phase election in Uttar Pradesh started today with voters in 73 seats of western UP casting today. While many on social media posted selfies with their inked fingers, there was also a section of voters which returned home frustrated as their name could not be found on the voter list. In a video made by a person named Abhishek Arora, residents from Hapur, UP, complained that a majority of members of some Dalit, Muslim families in about 15 districts could not cast their vote as their names were not to be found on the voter list. They demanded that re-polling be done on those seats.
In a post yesterday, we wrote about how Dhruv Saxena who belonged to BJP's youth wing Bharatiya Janta Yuva Morcha (BJYM) and was the district coordinator of their Bhopal IT cell has been accused and arrested along with 10 others in the ISI spying case wherein they are accused of facilitating ISI by providing crucial information about Indian army deployments.
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