On 28th February, the Gujarat Jan Andolan met at the Sardar Smarak Bhavan at Lal Darwaja, Ahmedabad, to observe communal harmony. Initially, there were plans to hold a public meeting at the Sardar Bagh, but permission for this was declined by the police. Many prominent activists of Gujarat, from the Jan Sangharsh Manch, Rashtriya Dalit Manch, Gujarat Mazdoor Sabha, Jamaat-e-Islami attended the event and gave calls for the rejection of communal violence.
Mahavir Phogat, the father of the legendary Phogat sisters, and the Phogat sisters themselves have come into the spotlight for the public stance that they have taken via their tweets and the soundbites they have given to various media channels regarding the much debated Gurmehar Kaur issue. In a series of 3 tweets on the night of 28th February, 2017, Mahavir Phogat attacked Javed Akhtar twice and Rana Ayyub once. The tweets were posted at 10:26 p.m, 10:46 p.m and 11:21 p.m.
Vinayak Sharma, who is the President at Sri Venkateswara College and Prashant Mishra who is secretary at Delhi University ABVP unit and a former Present at Sri Venkateswara College are the two ABVP leaders who were arrested for assaulting AISA members while they were returning from the march against ABVP. The hooliganism of ABVP has reached a point that they even assault other students with the police present.
In the last two weeks, at least two instances of poor suffering to accommodate PM Modi's expansive election rallies have come forth. For PM Modi's 27th February rally in Mau, Uttar Pradesh, wheat farmers lost many acres of their crop as they had to prematurely harvest their crop.
This morning, over a series of tweets, Gurmehar Kaur announced that she's withdrawing from the campaign against ABVP. She also urged the students to join the march against ABVP in large numbers, and that the campaign is about the students and not about her.
I'm withdrawing from the campaign. Congratulations everyone. I request to be left alone. I said what I had to say.. I have been through a lot and this is all my 20 year self could take :) The campaign is about students and not about me. Please go to the March in huge numbers. Best of luck.
Satinder Awana, a former President of Delhi University Students' Union (DUSU) from ABVP, has been caught on a video abusing a female law faculty. A sample of the goonda like language used by Satinder Awana is as follows:
"Yeh aap ke baap ki masti hai ya kisi ke baap ki masti hai? Yeh aap ki baap ki masti hai ya student ke baap ki masti hai?...Aap Rastrapati hai? Victoria? .. Agar soch rahi hai tu akalmand hai to saare akalmand hai .. buddhi mat lagaiyo jyada .. Ya to apna bhavishya kharab karge jayegi ya jahaan pahoenchegi wahaan kharab ho jayegi ..
The stated objective of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) or Home Ministry is to deal with internal security of the country. A major part of that involves dealing with police, law, order and rehabilitation. Delhi Police comes directly under the purview of MHA.
On April 28th, 2016, a video of Gurmehar Kaur, the daughter of a Kargil martyr, went viral. In this video, she appealed the Governments of India and Pakistan to find ways to make peace. This video has been watched by over 1.5 million people on the Facebook page it was initially posted on and tens of thousands of times on other platforms such as Youtube.
[caption id="attachment_960" align="aligncenter" width="640"]rape threats against gurmehar kaur by nationalists Source: Lallantop[/caption] From the casual commentator to seasoned journalists to Bollywood celebs, everyone has faced the wrath of the trolls loyal to PM Modi and BJP when one has dared to question either their policies or their
Kartavya Khanna, a journalism student of Jagran College of Management and Mass Communication, spoke about the issue of demonetisation in a college program.
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