In an anonymous blog by a username Indian.fowler and titled 'The Indian Uber - That is TVF', Arunabh Kumar, the CEO of online digital entertainment channel 'The Viral Fever' (TVF) was accused of having molested a former employee of TVF several times in her 2-year stint at the company. After this anonymous blog went viral, many other women came out in open and accused Arunabh Kumar of sexual harassment.
Muthukrishanan Jeevanantham (Rajni Krish), a 25-year-old 1st year MPhil student of Centre for Historical Studies at JNU, has reportedly committed suicide at a friend's house in Munirka Vihar in Delhi. Last year, on 17 January 2016, yet another Dalit Scholar, Rohith Vemula had committed suicide in University of Hyderabad. Another JNU student, Pallikonda Manikanta, wrote the following at 6:43 p.m on his Facebook profile.
Manohar Parrikar is all set to take the oath as the Chief Minister of Goa even after BJP having won only 13 seats in the recently concluded polls. One of the reasons that Parrikar and BJP are in a position to form the Govt is because of the 3 Goa Forward Party (GFP) MLAs that have extended support to BJP. However, GFP under the mentorship of Vijai Sardesai won their seats on a completely anti-BJP plank.
A video is currently viral on social media which shows a woman in tears while claiming that she skipped her daily wage job to attend Modi's rally upon being promised Rs 400 for her attendance. She claims that she was paid only Rs 150 instead of the promised Rs 400. Watch the video below:
In the video, the lady says that she was asked to skip work for the day and go to the rally instead and raise slogans and for that she'll be paid Rs 400 and a dhoti.
A Sub-Inspector Sushma Yadav and one constable Ajay Malik were thrashed with sticks and threatened with a pistol after SI Sushma Yadav had stopped a bike belonging to an ex-BJP MLA Chetram Pasi's son Anuj. Soon after they had let the bike go, 7-8 men in a Bolera with a BJP flag on it stopped near SI Sushma Yadav and thrashed her. Constable Ajay Malik who tried to save his senior colleague was also thrashed. Chetram Pasi is also the present BJP candidate from Powayan constituency in Uttar Pradesh.
In a shocking incident, Jharkhand's BJP CM Raghubar Das insulted a grieving father who had come to meet him to ask for justice for his daughter and the CM shooed him off the stage. The said incident happened during a Woman's day event which the CM was attending. Sanjay Singh, whose daughter Ichchita Singh according to police version has committed suicide, had come to the function to request the CM to investigate the issue as Sanjay Singh believes that this was not a case of suicide.
There are several urban legends regarding Prime Minister Narendra Modi which circulate on social media. We've heard how "Narendra Modi had been declared the best prime minister in the world by UNESCO" or Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame stating that "Modi is incorruptible". Both these claims turned out to be false. Similarly, an elaborate hoax started by certain supporters of PM Modi was about how a bureaucrat who had retired in February 2014 decided to rejoin Modi's PMO and the story he narrates about Modi's work ethic.
A video has gone viral where in Karnataka BJP President and former Karnataka CM Yeddyurappa is seen summoning his supporters to touch his feet. Apparently, this was on the occasion of his 74th birthday.
Political leaders showing off the power they hold is not a very uncommon sight.
A City Civil Court at Bengaluru ordered two articles on The Wire website to be taken down following an application filed by Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Chandresekhar. The Wire took down down the articles in compliance with the ex-parte order of temporary injunction. Rajeev Chandrasekhar is the NDA chairman from Kerala and an investor in Arnab Goswami's new channel 'Republic TV'. Pretty sure the loudmouth Arnab Goswami will have no problem with the gag on media that one of his investors is sponsoring. However, Internet is a place where NOTHING CAN BE DELETED.
An Army Jawan, Sindhav Jogidas, from Junagadh, Gujarat, has made a video alleging that Jawans are mistreated by certain senior officers with no action being taken against them. He alleges that even though Indian Army has one of the highest budgets in the world, Indian Jawans are often given sub-standard food. In the video, he shows papers which he apparently submitted to the Prime Minister's office and Defence Minister's office. He claims that not only no action was taken against the officers, action was initiated against him for this act of rebellion.
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